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AKCP notification types

The notifications are used to notify you e.g. when a sensor reading has hit a certain preset “critical” threshold. There are many ways you can be notified by AKCP sensorProbe and AKCP securityProbe.

E-Mail Alarm

With the sensorProbe2, sensorProbe8 and securityProbe alarm servers reliable email alert notifications setup and activated, this immediately allows the employees and other responsible personal to respond to problems before costly disasters strike.  

All critical notifications are completed to responsible staff within a few minutes time allowing them to take immediate action.

Alert via SNMP trap to the network management system

Both the sensorProbe and securityProbe alarm servers are compatible with SNMP v1. The securityProbe monitoring systems additionally support SNMPv2c and the encrypted SNMPv3 protocol.

Alarms and fault messages from the server room and data center, for example the overheating of a server rack can be detected from the sensor and securityProbe alarm server. The alert is then instantly sent via SNMP Trap to the central network management system.

All of the necessary information for the integration into the network monitoring systems, including the MIB files and SNMP Utilities are included with the sensorProbe2, sensorProbe8 and securityProbe product CD or by request from Didactum.


All sensor and securityProbe alerts from the server device can be sent via SMS to mobile phones.

Note that the sensorProbe2 and sensorProbe8 emails can also be sent to an email to SMS Gateway. This service is offered by most all mobile operators and can be set up in a few minutes.

The high-end monitoring systems such as the securityProbe-5E, securityProbe-X20 and securityProbe-X60 can be connected directly to the GSM / GPRS modem bundle, which allows SMS messaging directly from the server devices.

MMS Alarm (only applies to the securityProbe alarm server)

The securityProbe-5E, securityProbe-X20 and X60-securityProbe can notify the competent employees in case of alarm also via MMS images. So you and your colleagues in a fire or intrusion situation can immediately be "in the picture". The securityProbe GMS / GPRS modem is ideal for sending MMS images from the connected surveillance cameras.

Alarm via Relay Switch

The Sensor-controlled AC or DC relay can be configured into specific tasks for example; overheating or burglary detections equipment can be switched on or off automatically. Another example would be detection of glass breakage, which could then automatically turn on a security light.

Yet another example would be the 8-Port Sensor controlled relay upon detection of water and pump status can automatically turn them on or off!

Alert via siren and strobe flash

All sensorProbe2, sensorProbe8 and securityProbe monitoring systems can also provide a visual and very loud audible alert to employees who need to be alerted to such conditions. This is simply the integrated alarm siren with strobe flash in a single reliable sensor.

Alert via phone call / call on cell phone (only applies to the securityProbe)

The alarming by phone / cell phone is one of the most outstanding features of the High End Monitoring Systems securityProbe represents. The GSM / GPRS modem bundle and the voice adapter cable to the securityProbe-5E, securityProbe-X20 and X60-securityProbe allows these features.

On request the alerts can also be individually set to send custom call alerts issued for example "Caution server room fire.” or "Warning Failure air conditioning."

As an option, the called party must also acknowledge the phone alarm from the securityProbe. Should the securityProbe phone alert not deliver then the text alert is automatically  sent to the next employees mobile phone number in sequence so that all will be alerted.

Picture log: (AKCP securityProbe only)

securityProbe could create an action if the attached camera logs images, for example when a certain event happens.

Alert via custom script (only applies to the securityProbe alarm Server)

The securityProbe alarm servers are scriptable. This allows the mapping of custom scripts on the occurrence of accidents and threat scenarios. This allows for you to be instantly alerted of these sensitive servers, including the storage and overheating.

Voice alarm (only applies to the securityProbe alarm server)

The securityProbe-5E, securityProbe-X20 and X60-securityProbe monitoring hardware is capable of sending voice alerts to phones when disturbances and crisis situations arise.

Fax alarm (only applies to the securityProbe)

Alarms can be transmitted from the securityProbe-5E also by fax notifications. This requires a suitable fax modem or GSM modem bundle for securityProbe. The instructions for Faxbenachrichtigung case of disturbances in the server room / data center you will find here.

Mobile Access (securityProbe only)

The AKCP Mobile Access Software gives user the ability of viewing the cameras attached to securityprobe via mobile phone (Symbian OS needed). You could download the Mobile Access Datasheet here. Please ask the AKCP dealer Didactum® for the Mobile Access Software.

Alert via FTP upload / delivery of video recordings (only applies to the securityProbe).

The overwhelming costs from security monitoring of distributed and often unmanned Infrastructures are very often only contained by having a considerable amount of personnel expenses and control room operations installed. Many man hours are required to constantly view live security video images of each remote or unmanned site.

The securityProbe monitoring systems can upload all video images via FTP from the connected surveillance cameras on any event directly to the central control room allowing the security personnel to evaluate and if necessary take immediate and corrective action.

Alarm via Skype (only applies to the securityProbe alarm server)

The securityProbe alarm server can sent via Skype voice alerts to each phone.

Server Wake up / Shutdown: (securityProbe only)

securityProbe could send a signal to wake or shut down a Windows based server.

Alert via Windows Pop-Up Notification (only applies to the securityProbe)

Upon critical or urgent occurrences such as damage due to fires, flooding or overheating it is extremely import for personnel to take immediate action. The Windows pop-up feature will instantaneously display these alert messages to the onsite staff as the screen shows.

Alarm via GSM modem during network failures

The IT monitoring appliances premium class securityProbe, securityProbe-X20 and X60-securityProbe can be equipped with a GSM modem. In a possible power outage or network failure, you receive the alarm messages delivered by mobile. Furthermore, you can optionally also via GSM modem remotely on the securityProbe access.

AKCP securityProbe 5ESV


Compatible with all of the AKCess Pro range of Intelligent Sensors it provides a complete environmental, access control and security monitoring solution for up to 500 connected sensors.


from 1295,00 Euro*


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