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Quick Overview AKCP monitoring solutions


The official importer of AKCP products Didactum Security GmbH is the top main supplier of the manufacturer AKCess Pro summarized in a brief overview below.

securityProbe series

Since 1981, AKCess Pro has developed and manufactured the AKCess Pro SNMP based environmental and security monitoring appliances. The AKCP securityProbe series currently represents the culmination of this dedication to quality and its work in providing this product!

Upgrade your securityProbe rack monitoring system with individually selectable SNMP intelligent sensors.

Included in the innovative securityProbe models Didactum®’s customers benefit from all of  the advanced features which include the following.

  • Expert rack monitoring systems
  • Integrated multi-lingual web interface
  • Full SNMP compatibility
  • Free lifetime firmware updates and comprehensive support services.
  • Your customized racks installed on request from Didactum® per your onsite monitoring requirments.
  • Connection of up to 4 CCTV cameras
  • Fully automated rack-monitoring system, no dependencies on additional software
  • Support for all SNMP-enabled AKCP sensors
  • Comprehensive notification and alerting types
  • Integrated escalation management including alarm reports
  • MODBUS support
  • Flexible expansion of site monitoring with E-sensor8 or e-opto16 expansion units

sensorProbe Series

The field-proven sensorProbe simple rack monitoring systems based on years of industry experience from the manufacturer AKCess Pro.

An important feature of the sensorProbe2, sensorProbe4 and sensorProbe8 rack monitoring systems is a fast and uncomplicated installation. Plug`n`Play so to speak.

  • Upgrade your sensorProbe monitoring device with individually selectable AKCP sensors.
  • Using the temperature sensor this transforms your sensorProbe into a web thermometer.
  • Using the water sensor you can protect your important spaces and infrastructures against leaks!
  • Our sensor range offers a variety of SNMP-enabled sensors for environmental, safety and voltage monitoring.
  • The sensorProbe monitors around-the-clock important factors.
  • For sudden onset disasters you and your colleagues can be alerted via email, SMS (via 3rd party Gateway) or SNMP trap to your network Monitoring system (OpenNMS, Nagios etc.) alerted in real time.
  • It is possible to connect up to 2 intelligent AKCP sensors on the SP2.
  • Automatic and built in IP based operating rack-monitoring system. No other software is required.
  • SNMP-compliant MIB file and all OID’s included
  • Alerting via email, SNMP trap or SMS (via 3rd Party Gatway)

Also known as sensorProbe2 DC for network monitoring of up to 10 dry contacts inputs / relays available

The AKCess Pro Server

The new AKCess Pro server infrastructure monitoring solution combined with physical safeguards, IP video monitoring and access control in a single software platform.

Monitor distributed infrastructures, stores and sensitive areas of your corporate headquarters from a single location!

  • Quickly locate the origin of security threats, fires, water, heating, etc.,
  • Manually control sensors, relays, doors ect., directly from the mapping feature.
  • Alerts appear under the AKCess Pro Server immediately.
  • Temperature Trends will show you whether your air conditioners are not adequately dimensioned.
  • Automatically record video or pictures via a sensor event or door opening.

Evaluate the video footage of your IP surveillance cameras installed in and manage the access to your sensitive infrastructures such as data centers, technical or server room.

AKCess Pro Intelligent sensors

The AKCP range offers an extensive selection of environmental, safety and voltage sensors for monitoring critical infrastructures. With the support of AKCP AutoSense technology is intelligent as the sensors are automatically detected by the sensor type and securityProbe.

Then the sensors can be quickly and easily configured in the web GUI of the monitoring system, only the desired warning and thresholds are entered and defined, as in critical situations when the alarm should occur.

Each of the SNMP-enabled AKCP sensors are equipped with an OID (Object Identifier). The current measured values can then be retrieved directly via the network or Internet. You can also easily export all sensor values.

Complementary & Safety technology, such as UPS and air conditioning systems can also be easily integrated using the systems potential-free contacts in your centralized network monitoring.

AKCP securityProbe 5ESV


Compatible with all of the AKCess Pro range of Intelligent Sensors it provides a complete environmental, access control and security monitoring solution for up to 500 connected sensors.


from 1295,00 Euro*