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The next summer will surely be warm

The first warm days in March bring on the spring. However welcomed they are, the high outdoor temperatures are not always advantageous for everyone under the sun.


Every IT administrator certainly knows the fact that high temperatures in their data center, server and network spaces cause many problems, particularly in small enterprises where staff are off on holidays or there are not adequate systems in place to alert them.

For example, take the issue of temperature monitoring of the servers, storage and IT equipment. Perhaps the answers are the servers are still working so there is no need for worry. The reality is that the mission critical server systems are in very real danger of failure if for example, the air conditioning system were to fail without any notice.

The consequences will of course be present in the server rack IT systems reacting from the high heat exposure after they are effected, so who is responsible?

The Managing Director of each company is responsible for the reliability and can be held personally responsible for these issues and damage to onsite equipment due to the lack of applying preventive measures. For more information about "reliability of IT systems" you can read here.

Already a small glance at the product data sheets of the hard drive manufacturer is sufficient to determine that the temperature values ​​beyond the 24 degrees Celsius can massively affect the life of the equipment. Thus, a reasonable cooling system via an air conditioner is virtually a must for any server room.

If you are not sure which air conditioner is suitable for your server room, please contact our monitoring specialist at Didactum Security GmbH and we will address all issues by renowned suppliers of air conditioning for you.

Monitor temperatures in the server room

Normally just a simple thermometer would provide a solution for basic temperature and humidity monitoring in a normal server room.

However, many customers ask about the temperatures on server motherboards and how this effects the sensitive equipment in these server rooms.

Simple thermometers or the latter type of temperature control is not ever going to be precise enough, since the inner temperature of the server rather than the actual temperature of the server areas are never reflected.

The solution: 24x7 temperature monitoring with reliable alerting

Didactum® Security GmbH provides for the temperature control of critical areas such as

server rooms, computer centers, production facilities and so on via a web-based monitoring solutions.

The manufacturer AKCessPro Limited’s sensorProbe2 from AKCP is described.

The sensorProbe2 is an independently operating monitoring hardware, which up to 2 different SNMP-capable sensors can be connected. Choose our comprehensive sensor range from those sensors that you require.

This allows the sensorProbe2 to provide the sensor temperature in a web thermometer (SP2TMP01) and a sensor for water leakage detection. This system is ideal for the recognition of condensation in your air conditioner. If your air conditioner is equipped with a fault signaling contact output, you can also include these contact outputs.

As you can see, the sensorProbe2 is equipped for diverse monitoring functions:

You can purchase the alarm servers from the monitoring specialist supplier Didactum® Security and all of the AKCP sensors that you require!

When the going gets tough: Immediate alert via eMail, SMS or SNMP Trap

When monitoring your systems using the sensorProbe2, hardware conditions may change unexpectedly within the server room for example the communication systems or engine room may be in an alarm state.

The web interface of sensorProbe2 provides a convenient setting for the connected sensors - enter the desired temperature thresholds and determine whether you and your colleagues need to be alerted to the heat in the server cabinet via email, SMS or SNMP trap to your Network Monitoring System (HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, WhatsUp Gold, CA TNG Unicenter, OpenNMS, Nagios etc.).

The measured values can be queried directly via the Internet or network, and on a desired date are also exported. Per browser you can also monitor the temperature values represented graphically and thus detect whether the air conditioner located in the server room is still adequately performing.

AKCP securityProbe 5ES


Compatible with all of the AKCess Pro range of Intelligent Sensors it provides a complete environmental, access control and security monitoring solution. The AKCP securityProbe 5E Standard has a Linux Operating System running an iMX25 CPU.


from 995,00 Euro*