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Environmental Monitoring System


In today’s world it is widely known that in many of our business sectors Environmental Monitoring Systems or EMS for short are becoming more and more indispensable. At the heart of every Environmental Monitoring Systems are the sensors for capturing important environmental conditions such as temperature, relative humidity or air flow. These intelligent environmental sensors are normally connected to an IP based appliance.

This appliance then monitors the various parameters of the sensors and reports deviations and limit violations to the responsible employees or security personnel automatically.

At the same time the data in the data logger and events in the syslog monitoring appliance stored.

Environmental monitoring in computer and server space


Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) is particularly suitable for wiring closets and server rooms. For example it is normally always very important to know what the current temperature is in the network and server cabinets that contain equipment that are critical to the functionality of the organization.

Due to the sensitivity of this equipment from extreme heat and temperature fluctuations it is very important to be alerted to cooling failures which could lead to the failure of business-critical servers. Therefore these so-called “Hotspots” in the server cabinets must be reliably detected. The supporting air conditioning and ventilation airflow must also be continuously measured for reliability.

Other risks represent threats from water and fire. In these cases specific sensors should be installed in the server room and data center for early detection. Most importantly the bottom area of a server space can accumulate moisture and water over time and cause damage.

The IT monitoring appliances provided offer complete EMS monitoring solutions using the connected sensors around the clock. Measurement errors and critical events in the server room & data center can be in the form of SNMP traps, email alerts or SMS (via 3rd party gateways).

Operators / technicians can then offset the situation to potentially diverting these catastrophic situations by reacting even more quickly preventing the costly downtime caused by these critical environmental conditions.

Monitoring technology for production and telecommunications Facilities

The organizations operating premises and the existing technology within them must be monitored around the clock. The interior climate (temperature and relative humidity) in these environments should often be monitored using reliable remote & centralized operating and telecommunications systems.

Other safety equipment such as smoke detectors, motion detectors, glass break detectors, water detectors and door contacts should also be installed in these important areas. Most importantly for utilities and telecommunications providers who are responsible for the monitoring of distributed operating rooms which are often very costly.

Faults must be detected as early as possible utilizing regular maintenance and the technology in these branches.

The Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) offered are responsible for monitoring a high number of operating and telecommunication spaces predestined. With these proven solutions for environmental and security monitoring, thousands of distributed equipment rooms are monitored remotely and reliably from centralized stations.

All of this can be easily accomplished by a relatively small team of engineers and technical staff allowing support around the clock, 365 days a year. Using countermeasures, this substantially reduces operational disruptions and costly downtime by utilizing the surveillance and technology from the reliable and dependable EMS solutions indicated earlier.

AKCP securityProbe 5ES


Compatible with all of the AKCess Pro range of Intelligent Sensors it provides a complete environmental, access control and security monitoring solution. The AKCP securityProbe 5E Standard has a Linux Operating System running an iMX25 CPU.


from 995,00 Euro*