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Service and support for our product portfolio

The Münster monitoring specialist Didactum® Security GmbH offers around the product portfolio of comprehensive services and support.

So you get not only the product, but also expert assistance from a single source. Please contact any problems to our competent support staff via e-mail at support [at].

Please consider our support staff the following information:

  •      Product description including serial number (z. B. SP2 with MAC ID 00-0B-DC-00-F0-00)
  •      Firmware version of the Monitoring product
  •      More facts, including information about your system environment

Our support staff will then assign a ticket number which you please indicate at your further correspondence always.


If at any acquired Didactum® product present a technical defect, so please contact our support staff an RMA form which you fill in please complete and return it to us by fax or email.

Then contact Support for an RMA number, which you attach please legibly on the package.


All returns that do not have an RMA number will be, basically returned unprocessed and unfree by our staff to the sender. Here we ask for your understanding!

Not purchased from us or our AKCP resellers?

If you have notpurchased fromDidactum®oratourresellerpartnersAKCPmonitoringyourhardware,please turn tofor supportinquiries, please contactyour local distributoror ask for ourcost absorptiondeclaration.

AKCP spotWater Detector


The spot water detector is an advanced microprocessor based design capable of detecting distilled water. Standard water detectors are unable to detect distilled water and water with other impurities due to them using a resistance type circuit.


from 125,00 Euro*


AKCP locateWater Sensor


With the Rope Water Sensor you can protect your essential equipment from potentially harmful water damage. Designed and manufactured by AKCP it forms an integral part of your disaster prevention system.


from 331,55 Euro*