E-sensor8 expansion unit for securityProbe 5E alarm server

Flexible Expansion of your IT-Infrastructure Monitoring

AKCess Pro E-sensor8 Expansion Modul

The latest generation of AKCess Pro securityProbe Environmental Monitoring Systems gives the user the possibility to expand the SNMP-enabled remote security monitoring with optional E-sensor8 expansion units.

Each E-sensor8 expansion units offer 8 additional RJ-45 ports for AKCess Pros complete line of SNMP-enabled intelligent sensors. Thanks to AKCess Pros AutoSense-Feature all connected E-sensor8 modules and sensors are listed in the easy to use webinterface of securityProbe Remote Security Appliance. In case of manipulation you will be alerted by Disconnect-feature if the connection to the attached securityProbe modules or sensors may be lost.

Monitor up to 600 SNMP-enabled sensors

A single AKCess Pro securityProbe-5E Rack Monitoring Appliance can monitor up to 600 sensors in total by using sufficient numbers of E-sensor8 modules. The E-sensor8 module can be extended with standard CAT-5e LAN cable up to 300 meters from the securityProbe Rack Monitoring Unit.

The E-sensor8 is connected with standard CAT5/6/7 cable to any of the 4 RJ-45 expansion ports located on the front of the securityProbe Rack Monitoring System. Thanks to AKCess Pros AKCP-AutoSense feature, the connected E-sensor8 expansion unit is listed automatically in securityProbe`s easy to use web-interface.

In addition the LED`s in front of the E-sensor8 unit will show you the condition of the connected intelligent sensors.

AKCP E-sensor8


The E-sensor 8 is compatible with the complete range of AKCP’s intelligent sensors giving you a flexible way of expanding the AKCP securityProbe 5E monitoring system.


from 300,00 Euro*


Expansion E-sensor8

AKCess Pros E-sensor8 expansion units can also be daisy-chained with conventional CAT5 LAN-cable by using the I/O-Ports in front of each expansion unit.