Adaptor for securityProbe-5E alarm signal device

The IO-digital8 sensor adds 8 dry contacts to the securityProbe or expansion module base unit. With 8 ALARM/NORMAL indication in the securityProbe web interface it provides instant notification for changes of status.

IODC8 adaptor from AKCP:

The sensor can be mounted on a wall by your alarm panel, or using our DIN rail clips can be DIN rail mounted. A standard CAT5 cable connects the IO-digital8 sensor to the intelligent sensor port. There are two versions of the IO-digital8 depending on your requirements.

The first version has a single RJ45 connector at one end and 8 x 2-pin dry contact connectors along one side. The second unit also has a single RJ45 connector at one end but the 8 x 2-pin dry contact connectors are replaced by two RJ45 connectors, each compatible with our 4-dry contact cable (supplied). 

Typical applications

  • SNMP interface for alarm/normal status.
  • SNMP traps sent when critical.
  • SNMP polling via get command.
  • When an alarm condition is activated the description and location of the fault can be sent via email, SMS, MMS, Skype, phone calls and other advanced notifications from the securityProbe web interface.
  • Each of the 8 dry contacts on the IO-digital8 sensor can be configured as outputs, and sink current up to 20mA.

AKCP IO-Digital8


AKCP IO-digital8 sensor with 8 ALARM / NORMAL indication in the web interface of the AKCP securityProbe. Can have 8 dry contacts on one Intelligent Sensor port.


from 69,00 Euro*



  • Power source: powered by the securityProbe. No additional power needed.
  • securityProbe 5E autodetects the presence of each dry contact on the IO-digital8
  • Connect up to 8 IO-digital8 sensors per each securityProbe main unit and Esensor8 expansion modules for a total of 64 dry contacts per box.
  • Full autosense including disconnect alarm