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Monitoring solutions to protect mission-critical infrastructures

The security of sensitive infrastructures such as data center, server room, network room, equipment room, communication system, production or logistics must be guaranteed around the clock.

Many risks, such as (water) leaks, fire, power failure or technical malfunction of existing security and building can be reliably detected in an early stage.

Network-based 24x7x365 monitoring

With our IP-enabled alarm servers and SNMP-enabled sensors, you get a proven solution for monitoring your critical assets.

Our sensorProbe and securityProbe IP alarm server are independently operating remote-monitoring devices that can be equipped with individual sensors our extensive range of sensors includes Environmental sensors, security sensors and voltage sensors.

You will be alerted in time when the temperature rises, in case of water leakage, power failure before your important business units are exposed to disastrous events.

Customers who already have a network management system, such as Nagios or OpenNMS in use will appreciate that our remote monitoring systems can be integrated quickly and easily.

Also distributed infrastructures and remote offices can be monitored 7x24. Our securityProbe premium monitoring systems control a wide range of alerting and notification methods.

The team of Didactum® is happy to advise you and is looking forward to your call +49 2501 971 63 55.

AKCP Monitoring

Visit our multi-lingual online store with remote monitoring and security solutions. Here you can order your desired product.

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Alarm Types

Here is the list of types of alert and alarm activation of IP-based sensor and securityProbe monitoring systems AKCP.

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AKCP Overview

The product portfolio of the manufacturer AKCess Pro is extensive. Get a quick overview of the AKCP Remote Rack Monitoring Systems.

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With the new securityProbe-5E Appliance will inform uncompromising as conditions change. Avoid so costly downtime.

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Monitor with the intelligent sensors of different factors such as temperature, humidity, current, liquid levels and even physical security.

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With the new securityProbe-5E Appliance will inform uncompromising as conditions change. Avoid so costly downtime.

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Environmental Monitoring Systeme

Environmental monitoring systems are particularly suitable for wiring closets and server rooms. Here it is important to measure the actual temperature.

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Fault Signal

Many plants and systems are equipped with potential-free relay circuits / potential-free contacts in the form of inputs or outputs.

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Service and Support

The Monitoring Specialist Didactum® offers around the product portfolio of comprehensive services and support.

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Sensor OID

Under an OID is defined as a "Object Identifier". In the field of network monitoring, the OID will be used in order to identify an object.

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Didactum Security GmbH has customers from (almost) all sectors. Supreme priority is to customer satisfaction!

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Control Temperature

A permanent monitoring of temperature in the server room is important. Even a short-term overheating may jeopardize the availability of your systems.

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