AKCP sensorProbe2+ (SP2) - network-enabled sensor monitor

New: sensorProbe2+ monitor with Thermal Mapping Functions

AKCP / AKCess Pro sensorProbe2+

AKCP`s new sensorProbe2+  is an upgrade of the top seller sensorProbe2.

The new sensorProbe2 is network-enabled and offers the remote monitoring of important environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, air circulation and many more. Up to 4 intelligent, SNMP-enabled AKCP sensors can be connected to the sensorProbe2+ monitoring device.

You can equip your sensorProbe2+ with e.g. IP sensor temperature, combined IP sensor temp & humidity (RH), IP sensor airflow,  IP sensor water detector, smoke detectors and even with AC- or DC- voltage meters.
For the monitoring of temperature in mission-critical network and server cabinets, the manufacturer AKCess Pro offers for sensorProbe2+ monitor the new Thermal Map temperature sensor.

AKCess Pro`s new Thermal Map temperature sensor can be connected in series and supports the monitoring of inlet and outlet temperature of important server racks. These new temp sensors can reliable detect too high rack temperature and even Hot spots.

Reliable notifications and alerts in case of critical physical conditions

In it`s easy-to-use web interface, you can set individual thresholds and alarm values for each of the connected network-enabled sensors. Before an unexpected temperature rise in server room,  the networked sensorProbe2 + monitor will inform you and your colleagues via E-mail alert and SMS alert (optional GSM modem required). Critical events such as failure of the air conditioning, static electricity or smoldering can be transferred via SNMP traps to NMS- and DCIM- software. The SNMPget function supports the direct polling of connected sensor via IP network or the Internet.

Connect via web browser to the user friendly WebGUI of sensorProbe2 + (SP2+) to monitor important physical parameters of your server room or data center.

AKCP sensorProbe2+


The world’s best selling environmental and power monitoring platform has been upgraded. Three years in the making the SP2 has a new big brother the SP2+.

Start with a basic package to enable monitoring over a single cabinet. Expand to a full data center, one cabinet at a time. Every computer rack monitored using AKCess Pro Server.


from 295,00 Euro*


Monitoring System 100 III - buy now


The advanced monitoring system 100 III is the entry level model of the high-end surveillance systems from Didactum. This monitoring appliance is designed and manucactured within the EU. The engineering and support of the Didactum monitoring systems are located in Germany.


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Network enabled monitoring of dry contacts

On request, AKCess Pro`s new sensorProbe2 + remote monitoring device can also monitor important dry contacts via LAN or Internet. Pair with the optional dry contact feature important systems such as power systems, UPS systems, Fire alarm system or even air conditioning units into Network Monitoring Systems (NMS) such as Nagios, OpenNMS, WhatsUp Gold or Zabbix. 

Failures of your mission critical ventilation and air con systems are reported by your networked sensorProbe2+ remote monitoring system via email, SMS (via GSM modem) and SNMP.
All events are recorded in the syslog, including time and date.

As all sensor- and securityProbe remote monitoring units, the new sensorProbe2+ works no dependencies on additional hard- and software. An installation of agents or software on PC or server is not necessary. If you have SNMP compatible building monitoring or network management software in use, AKCP`s new sensorProbe2+ can integrated easily via included MIB files and SNMP-tools. Transfer important temperature and humidity values via LAN from your server room directly to your central monitoring or automation software.

With new sensorProbe2+, offered by the authorized AKCP dealer Didactum Security,  you can also monitor unmanned infrastructure in remote locations.