AKCess Pro Measurement Temperature Sensor

The Measurement Temp is a daisy-chainable temperature sensor solution designed for efficient temperature monitoring.

AKCP-Chain Measurement sensor temperature / temperature electrode

Up to 8 Measurement Temp sensors can be linked together and plugged into one securityProbe-5E Intelligent Sensor port enabling the unit to measure up to a maximum of 64 temperature points.

The Measurement Temp can measure temperatures between -55°C to +75°C with a ±0.5°C accuracy. Collected temperature values can be used to trigger alerts like e-mail, SMS, phone calls and SNMP traps.

Diverse applications of AKCP temperature measuring range:

  • Temperature monitoring of data center / server room
  • Temperature control in large areas (eg production systems)
  • Monitoring Temperature in server racks (Rackmonitoring)
  • Temperature in unmanned spaces

No calibration of the measurement chain temperature sensor is required

The integrated microprocessor technology of the measurement chain AKCP temperature sensor (AK-DCT00) enables precise temperature measurement from -55 ° C to +75 ° C. A previous calibration of the temperature sensor is not required. Even a subsequent recalibration or maintenance may be deleted.

Simple Measurement of the temperature sensor on the chain securityProbe (AK-SEC) connected and ready. Like all other AKCP sensors is that temperature sensors are also labeled.


With the securityProbe-5E unique mapping feature you can place these sensors on a map so you can quickly identify where you may have hotspots. Each temperature sensor has its own SNMP OID so that the data can be collected over the network using any Network Management System. Each measurementTemp comes with a free 5 feet sensor cable. The sensor cables can be extended using Ethernet cable with a maximum daisy-chain length of 500 ft.

The length between each of the temperature sensors can be any length as long as the total length of the string does not exceed 500 feet. Monitor up to 64 separate temperatures or locations by connecting 8 Measurement Temp temperature strings to each securityProbe-5E base units, or E-sensor8 expansion module RJ-45 sensor ports.

If your requirements include the humidity of your environment the daisyTemp strings will free up these extra ports on the securityProbe or securityProbe-5E units which will then allow the usage of an additional dual temperature/humidity sensor as required.

AKCP Measurement Chain Temperature Sensor


Utilize your AKCP securityProbe monitoring device to it’s maximum potential by having multiple temperature sensor datapoints on one Intelligent sensor port. Up to a maximum of 8 sensors can be connected in one chain to a range of up to 500ft total length.


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  • Up to 8 temperature sensors on one Intelligent sensor port
  • semiconductor, microprocessor controlled type temperature sensor
  • Each Measurement Chain Temperature Sensor comes with free 5ft cable, which can be extended
  • Max total run length of 500ft
  • Own SNMP OID for data collection over a network
  • Measurement Range -55°C to +75°C / -67°F to +167°F