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securityProbe 5E - sustainable IT security technology

The offered by Didactum Security GmbH new securityProbe 5E represents the latest IT-monitoring system of the renowned manufacturer AKCess Pro.

This monitoring system has been specifically designed for 24x7 security and video surveillance of critical infrastructure such as Telecommunications systems, server rooms, data centers, production facilities or logistics environments developed.

The securityProbe-5E combines video surveillance, environmental monitoring, security surveillance, power monitoring and access control in a single IT security solution. Depending on the application, you can equip this monitoring system with individually selectable IP-enabled AKCP sensors.

This offers Didactum Security on a wide range of IP sensors. The securityProbe-5E was designed as a stand-alone solution, so that no further dependencies of other hardware and software exist. So you can use this TCP / IP-based monitoring system, without installation of additional software or agents.

Ideal for monitoring heterogeneous operating system environments, since the securityProbe-5E supports the SNMPv1 / SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 standard, can this innovative IT monitoring system including the connected sensors in SNMP Monitoring Utilities, Network Management Systems (NMS) and building management systems are integrated.

Architecture of securityProbe-5E IT security technology

The architecture of the AKCP securityProbe-5E based on a IMX25 processor, 128MB of NAND flash memory, a built-in SD card slot for optional memory expansion, a USB 2.0 port for connecting the GSM / GRPS modem bundles, one RS485 port for the TCP / IP connection of Modbus, and a 10/100 Mbit Ethernet connection.

Designed as a classical alarm system for 24x7 infrastructure monitoring, was deliberately omitted in the development of securityProbe5E on fan or portable hard drives (HDD). The securityProbe-5E provides the user with a fully integrated Linux operating system with Apache Web Server (incl. Https encryption) and support for scripting languages such as PHP, Perl and Bash.

8 sensor ports, optional expansion up to 500 sensors

The securityProbe5E base model offers 8 RJ45 sensor ports. You can connect (almost) any of SNMP sensors manufacturer AKCess Pro.

Didactum Security GmbH, official AKCess Pro Importer, offers a comprehensive range of intelligent sensors. Imagine that your customized monitoring system from temperature sensors, temperature / humidity sensors, water leakage sensors, smoke detectors, magnetic contacts, motion sensors, DC or AC current sensors together.

Very interesting are the sensor potential free contact, which can be defined via Web Interface as actuator. Bind the sensor is a potential-free contact your existing home, security and building technology in the TCP / IP-based IT security monitoring of securityProbe-5E monitoring system.

Data acquisition and trend analysis of the IT infrastructure

With the new securityProbe-5E you have important environmental parameters such as current temperature or humidity is always in view. Using the integrated Round Robin Database Tools (RRDTools) You can create custom graphs.

Here you can display directly in the Web Interface, for example, show the temperature during the last hours, days, weeks or months. Adjust quickly determine whether the important climate-sensitive infrastructure of your works flawlessly. Of course you can export all stored sensor measurement data for documentation and archiving comfortable too!

Through simple connection of the optionally available at Didactum E-sensor8 expansion units to the total number of monitoring sensors can be increased to up to 500 pieces. Each E-sensor8 expansion module provides 8 sensor ports for mounting additional sensors. Individual E-sensor8 expansion modules can connect with one another via Cat5 / 6/7 network cable.

Distance of interlinked E-sensor8 expansion modules can be up to 300 meters, so that more server enclosure suites, rooms and installations can be integrated round the clock security monitoring of securityProbe-5E monitoring device into.

IT surveillance system including video surveillance functions

The securityProbe-5E provides the administrator with more than just environmental monitoring, security surveillance or monitoring of electricity consumption / power supply.

You can connect to the securityProbe-5E to 4 external analog surveillance cameras, for example, fix cameras, dome cameras, night vision cameras, anti-vandal outdoor cameras and many more. As original accessories Didactum Security GmbH holds for securityProbe5E IT monitoring solution provides a dome camera with pan and tilt technology and a universal video surveillance camera with infrared function. Live images from up to 4 video surveillance cameras can be displayed on the web interface of securityProbe5E IT monitoring system simultaneously.

The dome also be manually panned and tilted in the Web interface to gain an overview of the security status of the server room, data center, warehouse and so on.

The securityProbe-5E also supports video motion detection image (so-called. Motion Detection). The recorded image and video material, including eingeblendetem date and time stamp can also be exported to an FTP server or NAS systems. How You Can Protect video surveillance means your sensitive rooms and systems against unauthorized access / access.

Comprehensive alarm and notification capabilities

The innovative alerting and notification system of autonomously operating securityProbe-5E alarm server can both you and the person responsible for status changes and entry of harmful events individually by e-mail, SMS, MMS, fax, phone call, voice mail, SNMP traps, etc. alarming (add. hardware such as GSM modem required).

Where necessary, the called party must use your phone alarm from the server room, computer center, etc. even acknowledge, otherwise the next staff will be alerted. Each event (rise in temperature, access, etc.) is stored by the securityProbe-5E in the integrated Syslog including time and date.

Per Remote Syslog You can import these events also in directly into your headquarters and evaluate from there. If you have connected a video security camera to your securityProbe-5E, the current images of the event / the malfunction can even be sent by e-mail, MMS or FTP upload. The built-in securityProbe-5E alarm filter effectively protects against possible flood of false alarms.

Proven emergency management with integrated Notification Wizard

With the securityProbe-5E monitoring system which often very time-consuming preparation of emergency schedules belongs to the past! With the proven Notification Wizard allows you to quickly and intuitively define needs-based emergency plans.

Example: If the current temperature of the server room exceed the 27 ° C mark, an e-mail automatically the securityProbe-5E must send to the responsible employees. Or: When the cabinet door of the high-availability cluster is opened outside of the operating hours, once per cell phone call the IT-line alert (GSM modem required) and at the same time the alarm siren sound can be.

With the new securityProbe-5E provided by Didactum Security GmbH can be customized escalation steps, time and date filter in the Notification Wizard of securityProbe-5E depict reliable. Also emergency services, holiday periods and external service providers can be considered in the occupational emergency preparedness. Thanks to the integrated alarm function can map the exact origin of the disorder are also visually displayed on the channel display flashing.

For critical events such as fire / fire or leakage, you the corresponding sensor is then shown flashing on the map.

Automatic shutdown and startup of your server

The securityProbe-5E supports you in your disaster plans. In case of damage (overheating, broken water pipe, leaking air conditioning, etc.) can initiate an automatic shutdown, the securityProbe-5ESV with existing Linux, Unix, and Windows servers.

Even with the onset of power supply of the UPS system graceful shutdown of server systems is recommended as the maximum standby time of the UPS is often reached very quickly. With the offered Didactum Security GmbH securityProbe-5E High End Monitoring System also no problem! The securityProbe-5E can boot also automates Windows and Linux servers.

Expansion of network monitoring using virtual sensors

The additional 80 virtual sensors securityProbe5E monitoring system serve to broaden and intensify your TCP / IP-based network monitoring. Enter in these virtual sensors additional SNMP or IP addresses and integrate these into the 24/7/365 security architecture of securityProbe5E alarm system. Monitor as other important systems such as servers, storage, UPS, network components, and many more.

The securityProbe-5E can also serve as an SNMP Trap Receiver and receive SNMP traps your UPS and then initiate automatic actions such as e-mail alarm or an orderly shutdown of your server systems. Unless you have Modbus-enabled devices and systems are in use, this can also be integrated into the central network monitoring, since the securityProbe5E as Modbus SNMP Gateway (Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP) can be used.

Integration into network management systems and SNMP Tools

The securityProbe-5E High End Monitoring Appliance was developed as a stand-alone monitoring system. Since the securityProbe5E However, SNMPv1, SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 (encrypted) is compatible, this measuring and monitoring equipment including the connected IP sensors in network management systems can (NMS) such as CA Spectrum, EMC Smarts, HP SIM, HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, Nagios, OpenNMS, PRTG or WhatsUp Gold can be integrated.

The open source Nagios network monitoring solution is already installed on the securityProbe-5E monitoring appliance. Necessary for the integration of this monitoring device in network monitoring systems SNMP MIB files are included with the securityProbe-5E.

AKCP securityProbe 5ES


Compatible with all of the AKCess Pro range of Intelligent Sensors it provides a complete environmental, access control and security monitoring solution. The AKCP securityProbe 5E Standard has a Linux Operating System running an iMX25 CPU.


from 995,00 Euro*